Tenderwin • Professional Tender Writing Firm • Portishead, Bristol

Who We Are

Tenderwin is a professional tender writing and bid management firm. We are fully conversant with all aspects of public and private sector procurement and have an in-depth understanding of tenders, bids and public & private sector procurement procedures and practices, incorporating:

  • Accelerated, Restricted or Negotiated Procedure
  • Post Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ)
  • Invitation to Tender (ITT)
  • Request for Quotation (RfQ)
  • Request for Pricing (RfP)
  • Best And Final Offer (BAFO)

We do not simply write tenders, we produce compelling narrative that highlights your company’s competence and ability to fulfil the contract you are bidding for, and ultimately help you secure that contract.

Whether you are a company new to tendering and are struggling to complete your first PQQ, or a larger blue chip firm requiring full bid support throughout the year, with a consistent win rate of circa 75%, Tenderwin has the capability to meet your organisation’s specific needs and maximise your chance of winning the work.

We provide our clients with a professional and affordable PQQ, ITT, bid and tender writing service, covering the whole of the UK. Your company can benefit from our tender management service, which provides a comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Tenderwin guides the client through the tendering process, with the client maintaining control of the tendering process by means of structured meetings and checkpoints, incorporating on-site and remote reviews.

We stay involved throughout the tendering process, providing support through to the final presentation, as well as gaining valuable debrief information, which can be used to make the client’s tendering proposition more robust for future tenders.

We offer either one-off support, as well as working with clients over longer periods.

Tenderwin’s approach to managing tenders starts by considering your organisation’s overall strategy. Our approach takes into account how your organisation will be able to align itself to the needs of the Tendering Authority, throughout the life of the contract and across the supply chain.

We will help you to understand:

  • Win Themes: What are the key underlying issues that the Authority wants to address?
  • Win Plan: Setting out how we will meet the Authority’s needs?
  • Storyline: Developing a fluid narrative response with an appropriate balance of supporting evidence, demonstrating your organisation’s ability to deliver the Authority’s needs.
  • Value Added: Over and above your organisation’s comprehensive demonstration of its ability to meet the Authority’s needs, what other benefits will your organisation bring to the contract?

We provide a complete PQQ writing service for:

  •  Micro-organisations
  •  Owner managed businesses
  •  Small to medium sized
     enterprises (SMEs)
  •  Larger ‘blue chip’ organisations

Tenderwin enables its clients to focus on their business,
while we help them to win new contracts.