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Why Choose Tenderwin

Small-to-medium-sized (SME) businesses don’t tend to have the time, skills or resource to successfully tender for PQQs and ITTs independently. SME business people (quite rightly) maintain a strong focus on the thing they do very well - running their own business.

Larger organisations with in-house tendering teams can see hubris set into their tendering approach, which can lead to a reducing win rate. A fresh pair of eyes can help to re-vitalise a potentially flagging approach to preparing tenders.

Tenderwin offers a cost-effective and client-focused tendering service, by:

  • Working exclusively with one client for any tender we pursue.
  • Maintaining an auditable win rate of circa 75% across all sectors.
  • Having the knowledge and expertise to give your tender that extra edge, enabling your organisation to stand out from the crowd.
  • Not taking on work that we do not feel the client will have a realistic chance of winning, so your money is not wasted.
  • Comprehensively managing the tender project on the client’s behalf.
  • Taking a strong sense of accountability.
  • Providing MBA and PRINCE2 Practitioner qualified tendering skill.
  • Working on-site and remotely, enabling the client to meet their Tenderwin representative, plus freeing up valuable office space.
  • Taking the time to gain a full understanding of the client’s business and reflecting that uniqueness in the tender.
  • Navigating the complexities of the public sector procurement process to the benefit of the client.
  • Building and maintaining a rapport and dialogue with the tendering authority’s primary contact.
  • Adding value to the client by making its organisation ‘tender-ready’ for your current and future tenders.
  • Preparing all method statements and policy documents
  • Ensuring all compliance documents are in place.
  • Whether successful or not, gaining valuable debrief information, which can be fed back into the client’s organisation, to make its approach to tendering more robust for future tendering activities.

Size really does not matter!

Tenderwin works with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from micro-businesses that don’t have policies, procedures and ISOs in place to major organisations.

Tenderwin offers two straightforward charging structures, providing a cost effective solution for the completion of your PQQ or tender documents, regardless of your company size or industry:

Option 1

A flat rate of £2.5K (invoiced on submission of the tender) for our end-to-end service.

Option 2

On submission of the tender, we will take a 25% front-end exposure, so that we only charge £1,875.00. If the tender is successful, we ask the client to take a back-end exposure of 25%, meaning that we invoice a further 50% of the £2.5K (£1,250.00).


Tenderwin keeps your data safe

We recognise the critical importance of maintaining the integrity of your business’s commercially sensitive data.

Tenderwin is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act.

Click here to download the Tenderwin ICO Data Controller Registration Certificate